Best Tripod For Real Estate Photography

Tripod For Real Estate Photography

Best Tripod For Real Estate Photography

A complete guide to the best tripod for Real Estate Photography

Tripod - this photography equipment is fast gaining popularity among photographers – professional or otherwise, of any genre to produce quality content. Whatever be the realm of photography – food, fashion, nature, wildlife, a tripod has become essential equipment.

In this article, more emphasis is to be laid on “Real-estate” Photography that allows you to capture cozy and beautiful homes as they are. Following are some of the important aspects that one must make sure to verify while buying a tripod. These are exclusive for real-estate photography.

1. The primary reason for a tripod is to avoid shakiness in the picture. What if the same thing happens while you click photography with your tripod too? Make sure the tripod you buy is larger than your camera, and it is sturdy. Also, check for a threaded hole at the base of the camera; otherwise, the camera will have to be mounted permanently.

2. The next important thing is the height of the camera. You don’t want to bend down and tire yourself in the pursuit of a good photo. Do you? The next thing you would do is to settle for any photo because you are tired whereas you are capable of photos far better than them. Go for a tripod that matches your height. It is not a problem if they are taller than you. The taller ones can always be adjusted.

3. The tripod must let you set your own angles. When you buy a tripod to click precise and sharp pictures, it is not good that you are limited by angles. Do not go for stationary ones. Buy tripods that let you adjust and have control over what you are doing. Let the tripod not stop you from achieving that perfect click.

4. Nobody invests in a tripod for time being. Everybody expects it to last for a long time. Ensure the durability before buying. Check if the tripod would be able to survive the conditions that it will have to go through in real-estate photography.

5. Let the tripod not stop you from moving. Remember, you are into real-estate photography. The property will not come to your place. You will have to do a lot of displacements. Hence, your ideal tripod must be portable and lightweight and must easily fit into your travel kits.

6. The last one, for now, is the head that connects the camera and the tripod. Normally, there is a universal specification, and this works quite well too. Yet the head is considered to be a crucial factor. Those high-resolution sharp pictures that you find on the internet are partially due to an impeccable fit of the camera and the head. This important aspect calls for some in-depth information on the types of heads.

There is Gimbal head, pan-tilt head, and ball head. The cheapest of these is the pan-tilt head which comes with a single handle that allows horizontal movement and a dual handle that permits both horizontal and vertical movement. The one that is considered to be the best among these is the Gimbal head. Originally created for heavy lenses, it is best-suited for real-estate photography owing to its regulated focus direction. The ball head comes with one control that can make the grip tight or loose depending on the need. This is known for its flexibility and smoothness while shooting since it keeps the camera and lens secured.

Based on the above features, here are some tripods that we find suitable for real-estate photography.

1. Rangers 55”

Priced at $70, this is a compact tripod that is easy to transport, and it weighs light (2.89 lbs). The mount can be detached very easily. This can be easily converted into a Monopod. However, despite being extended completely, it could be shorter than you.

2. VivitarTRP-SW67

Priced at $150, this tripod is quite flexible and provides for easy transformation into a monopod. The quality is good with reliable set up that lets you focus on the picture without worrying about the setup. This can help you shoot panoramic pictures. Though it is portable, it is heavy for frequent transportation.

3. ManfrottoMKBFRA4-BH BeFree

With a simple setup, this tripod is compact and can be carried in backpacks. It comes with a reversible central column and the head can be changed. It has limited height and is priced at $290.

These are some tips and tricks for buying a good tripod and some recommendations based on these features. We hope this article benefits you in your photography endeavor.

Tripod Shooting Tips

  • Extend the tripod legs only when needed

  • Switch-off image stabilization while using a tripod

  • Use the mirror lock-up on your camera

  • Use the 2-second timer

  • Shoot at the lowest ISO possible

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