Real Estate YouTube Channels for Nashville Real Estate Agents

Real Estate YouTube Channels for Nashville Real Estate Agents

Real Estate YouTube Channels for Nashville Real Estate Agents

Why YouTube Should Be Part Of Your Learning

Let's face it if someone popular on YouTube it's because they're funny entertaining and educational at the same time.

YouTube doesn't mean you actually have to watch the video sometimes you can just let the video play in the background while you are doing something and listen to the audio and absorb the content.

I think Youtube Learning is better than most TV shows there are fewer commercial on YouTube and you can pick out the content that you want.

It's also easy to search for something on YouTube if you're curious about something you can usually search that topic and find information that you're looking, so you have better clarification and understanding of the topic.

Be sure when you are listening to YouTube content that you're listening to something that is credible. Some material can become popular, but it may not be reliable.

Reasons Why YouTube Should be apart of Your Routine

Easy to Integrate

YouTube learning videos are easy to integrate into your daily routine. One trick is to save YouTube links to your notepad on your cell phone, so when you have sometimes like walking on the treadmill, you can go back to your notebook on your phone and listen to those YouTube videos.

YouTube Communities

In the Youtube learning community you can ask questions and post comments this can also be a networking tool in some of the YouTube channel communities.

Generates Discussion

After you have watched or listened to a YouTube video, you can use that content for discussions that you may be having during your work week.

Perfect for Mobile Learning

YouTube works on all cell phones it's easy to access and easy to work with.

Youtube Allows Micro Learning

For example, one time on a real estate photo shoot I propped open the storm door to a house with the arm that was attached to the bottom of the door. But it came time to close the door it was not obvious how the door release work so the storm door was not closing correctly because I did not know how to operate the release on the bottom of the storm door. So by using a manufacturer search for the storm door on YouTube, I was able to watch a concise video showed how to release the storm door that had a hidden release button at the bottom of the door attachment. Was very easy to do but not visible and the YouTube video pointed out the exact steps on how to release the storm door.

YouTube Learning Encourages Development and Note-taking

You may want to create several small notebooks for different types and different subjects that you'll be learning from YouTube. For example, if you're learning about search engine optimization for your website, you may want to set up a small notebook just for that topic so when you are watching videos on YouTube, you can put all of your notes on that topic in that one notebook so you can easily reference it in the future.

Youtube Learning Allows You Own Pace

Going at your own pace with Youtube Learning is a huge advantage, and there's no pass or fail. You can also rewind the video and replay the video as many times as you like so that you can learn the topic you can also cross-reference and watch other videos and find articles to reinforce the content that you are learning.

Real Estate YouTube Channels for Nashville Real Agents

Mike Ferry

Watch and listen to Mike Ferry, voted Most Influential Real Estate Coach in North America by the National Association of Realtors

Kevin Ward

For Agent that want successes in their real estate business and in their life! Bestselling author of The Book of YES

Deric Lipsky

Deric Lipski expired mastery program

Colton Lindsay

Real Estate Sales Trainer and Online Marketing Specialist

David DNA Realty

David and Arthur Martiroso are the co-founders of DNA Realty Group, the full-service Real Estate team that provides quality service.

Joshua Smith

Explains What GSD Mode Is All About.

McDaniel Real Estate Systems

Real Estate Uncensored video series that gives you actionable idea, insight and inspiration.

Easy Agent Pro

Get, keep and grow more clients and Learn simple strategies to generate real estate leads today.

Neva Williamson

Neva Williamson Foreclosure Expert ... Working alongside Neva during the dual-tracking process with my mortgage company was a great

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