Real Estate Photography Ethics

Real Estate Photography Ethics

Real Estate Photography Ethics

How much should it be removed from the photos? When flying my drone for real estate photos, I follow the philosophy of removing or cleaning anything that can be done with a broom, a hose or a pick (dirt in a driveway, grounds signs, cars and trash cans). Yesterday I was asked to remove the wires above.

Should I remove the wires (and their shadows), green telephone boxes (in the corners of the crowd), moss on a roof or fix a patch of grass on the lawn?

As another example, if you were told that the homeowner will remove their swimming pool for two weeks but they need pictures now, should you cover the pool with green grass now?

What are the legal and ethical principles to follow?

Over the years, we have had many heated discussions here about the image change ethics in the context of real estate photography. I think the topic is important I have a separate page devoted to summarizing what has grown in these discussions over the years.

Real Estate Photography Ethic Guidelines

1. Real estate photographers usually work for the agent list and in some cases will be asked to change the images of the property for sale.

2. Listing agents everywhere have a legitimate responsibility that a property is "incorrectly confused". That is a significant announcement to lawyers because it keeps pop up every time this topic is talked about.

3. Modification or removal of temporary items such as waste trucks, cars, clouds clouds are customary and generally not considered minor property representations.

4. Removal of permanent objects such as power lines, telephone poles, and neighboring homes is generally considered to be a misrepresentation of property because they hide undesirable permanent features of property.

5. It looks like a place where everyone does not agree. Landscaping seems to be between permanent and temporary. Many people believe that fixing grass or landscaping defects is OK but others believe it is not OK. When there are some questions about whether a feature is permanent or temporary it is safest to treat it as a permanent feature.

In total, the photographer works for the agent list, not the potential buyer and property representation is the legal liability of the recorder, not the photographer.

However, if the photographer is asked to alter the photographs they feel is declaring small objects on the property, they must document the fact that they are changing the photo at the agent's request.

Removing items like power lines is not a good idea. Can make for a better picture but sometimes buyers have issues with things that are really a part of the property. No one in my realtor would waste their time getting potential buyers in homes to waste a trip because the house was located next to a power grid or the photos were told to buyers that the rooms are still very large in fact they are convenient.

It is not okay to manipulate any physical part of the property including many. that said, sometimes I took the freedom of removing a power box if my only photo position to get the photo had to have something in the foreground ... I remove it because can be argued that I was zoomed past it in position so that's not a prob but if I edited it a wide shot showing sides to the edge of the property then I was misrepresenting the lot.

Real Estate Photography Ethic Examples

However, it's easy to stick with your guns and let clients know that some things are incorrect to remove and if you think you can remove or fix something that would be a no issue with the sale and requested by the agent do this, then charge for your extra time on the invoice.

As a rule of little things like garbage cans and garbage ... give your home owners a checklist to follow to prepare a home before the photos and let them know you're not responsible for anything in pictures that the owners or agents do not or can not take care of them.

Garbage bins are easy to hide in the garage or pull in the road BY YOUR OWN / AGENT and lips can easily be swept BEFORE I get there .. I did not get excuses on those things and hold the agent at high expectations to have a property ready for me to photograph to the best of their ability in each of our Terms of Service and our Preparation Checklist.

That said, in rare occasions I fix or clean something in the post if asked ... and that is when I decide to do it, or when it's something that is easy and secure by the agent or owner, is well like a little stubble on the wall. If you agree to remove something ethical, then I CHARGE for extra services !!


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