Photography Podcast for Business Advice

Photography Podcast for Business Advice

Photography Podcast for Business Advice

Photography Podcast for Business Advice

“In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.”

August Sander

Many of us are constantly looking for information and resources to increase our photography business.

There are many podcasts that will help you edit and take better photos.

But have you come across any business photography podcast that helps you increase your sales and profits.

If you're in a position where you're just getting started or perhaps looking for ways to grow your business in the photography world podcast and help you do that.

So we have put together a list of podcast to help you grow your photography business.

Portrait Session - Photography Podcast

From her gorgeous wedding imagery to her refined and elegant corporate work, Erica is without a doubt killing it in the photography industry.

The show is part of the Master Photography network and is ideal for those who want to know more about the business.

Whether it's weddings, family photos, fashion or anything else, here, you'll find excellent business tips.

The hosts, Erica and Connor, are experienced portrait photographers and business owners, and each brings their own unique experiences to the show.

Portraits sessions recently changed to a seasonal format and its first full season is about the step-by-step process of starting a photography business. As someone who has been running a part-time business for a few years, I still find tremendous value in the entire season. You will learn something in each episode, no matter what your level is.

The second season is a deep immersion in almost all the specific genres of portrait photography.

Each episode has a guest who is an expert in that particular genre. They immerse themselves in the characteristics of each type of photography that makes them unique and how they can make a living with this genre.

This is especially useful since many of the other photography business podcasts here focus on wedding photography.

Almost all the shows end with their segment of "Points of reference", where they invite a photographer to participate in the program and share something that is causing problems in their business and try to solve that problem. The whole show is great, but this segment can be especially useful. Also, I was one of the guests recently, so that has to count for something!

PhotoBizX - Photography Podcast

If the creation of a photography business is taken seriously, the listening of PhotoBizX is required.

The host, Andrew Hellmich, is a wedding photographer and portraits from Australia. Each episode has a guest who is an expert.

What makes this podcast stand out is the focus on the action. Many other content sources focus on business theories and marketing, but Andrew makes sure that each episode has something that can be acted upon.

Last year he had a business coach in the program who spoke about a specific Facebook ad strategy that was working very well for photographers. Instead of leaving it like this, Andrew implemented the strategy in his own business and reported on the numbers.

After realizing how well it worked, he had the same guest a couple of times more for updates and a deeper immersion in the strategy. I can say in my business, that the strategy helped start up an incipient business almost instantaneously.

If there is a podcast in this list that can have a direct and immediate effect on your results account, it is PhotoBizX.

The Business of Photography Podcast

The photography business podcast is a great photography business podcast. The hosts, Brian and Rob, combine a good balance of broader business theories and strategies with some viable advice and tactics.

However, in general, I would say that it takes a broader approach in the photography business than in the previous entry in the list, leaning more towards theory.

What Brian and Rob contribute to this podcast is a great authenticity. They have great control over the pain points that photographers face and how to deal with them. What the photography business podcast does best is to solve problems.

Each episode address a problem that a photographer face and possible solutions to that problem.

Beyond the Image - Photography Podcast

James Patrick, is a successful photographer who has appeared in many magazines. Podcast is from the perspective of a commercial / editorial photography.

Six Figure Photography - Photography Podcast

The host, Ben Hartley, has to do with growing his photography business to six figures. He brings a high energy, very excited, to Six Figure Photography. Whether that is your style or not, the content is very useful.

Has content that can help you take your business to the next level.

Ben addresses issues such as leaving aside the control of everything and subcontracting, building a study of several shooters, marketing for high level customers and betting on big print sale.

The perfect podcast for the photographer who gets stuck thinking too small and needs some inspiration.

There is a complementary YouTube channel called Heart to Heart (a play on his last name) where Ben addresses some specific topics with more detail

Full Time Photographer with Josh Rossi - Photography Podcast

Rossi covers the business side of photography, helping you to live life to the fullest by embracing a career.

Rossi interviews amazingly talented photographers, and other industry professionals. 300 episodes and Rossi is constantly sharing valuable information to help your business grow.

Creative Warriors - Photography Podcast

Jeffrey Shaw interviews all types of entrepreneurs. Shaw brings inspiration as well as a variety of topics such as marketing, time management, creativity, and out of the box business ideas.

The Rubin Mindfulness Meditation - Photography Podcast

Listening to this podcast will help...

  • Reduce stress

  • Bring more clarity to your life

  • Help you become a happier

  • More mindful person.

The podcast is not necessarily a business podcast. A meditation practice can be beneficial to your business, artwork, creativity, and life.

Photography Podcast How to Get the Most Out Theme


Create a system and stick with it. The default podcasts app will automatically put your podcasts in alphabetical order if you ask nicely. You’ll save time when you can immediately find a podcast based on its name, rather than its presence “near the top somewhere.”

Look for THE RIGHT System

Apple’s default podcast app is not the only podcast player out there. Unfortunately, most of the others cost money, either through a direct purchase or through an in app purchase. Consider how important podcasts are to you.

Get to the Point

Do not listen to a podcast if you don’t like it. Podcasts should be fun and educational. Life is short to listen to boring bad podcasts.

Speed the Podcast Up

If you are crunched for time, try doubling your podcast’s speed.

Find Your Special Podcast Time

There are certain sweet moments for listening to podcasts. These are usually tasks where you have to pay a bit of attention to make sure you’re doing it right, but overall are kind of dull, like driving, washing the dishes, or styling your hair.

There are thousands of amazing podcasts. But you will never be able to listen to every single one. Hopefully you can listen to more than ever before if you follow some of these tips.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”


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