Master Your Next Headshot

Master Your Headshot

Master Your Next Headshot

Master Your Next Headshot

A photograph of a person's face is called a headshot. The sizes can vary, but the standard size for a headshot is 8x10 inches. Professionally speaking, headshots are a great way to attract your audience and target them accordingly. Think of your headshot as a visual resume. 
Say, you are hired as a detective and have to find a suspect by going through all the mug shots. Now, wouldn't you use the prior knowledge that you have on the suspect and try to find them accordingly, by looking at the mug shots?

Headshots work the same way. People can find realtors and brands they are looking forward to hire, entrust and connect with by going through the headshots in taking such a huge decision.

Headshots are an excellent way to showcase your personality as a realtor as well as your brand. You get a chance to showcase your confidence, potential and professionalism in order to gain more clients.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Hire a professional photographer and sit back and relax. The quality of a headshot increases if taken by a professional photographer. There are certain characteristics in a headshot that the audiences look for, which the professional photographer would be familiar with. 

They would help you with getting the right photograph for the right target audience that would also be at par with what the industry demands. They also have all the right posing tricks up their alley, hardware and tools like camera, camera stands, lights and background for the photoshoot. 

Professional photographers might be expensive to hire. From a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, the price tag comes in every range. But, the price would definitely be worth it when you get to look at your perfect headshot at the end of the day. 

Professional Photographers

Be natural
Your to-be clients are not looking for a glammed-up, snobbish realtor. They want to hire someone who is approachable and confident. Make sure that you don’t overdo your headshot with excessive jewelry or wild patterns. 
Dark colors look better on camera compared to light colors. So, go for darker shades and throw away any white clothing you possess. Get a professional haircut and ensure that your hair is clean and tidy. Do not go for over-the-top make-up. Ensure that you look real and try to only accentuate your facial features. Wide eyes are said to make you look fearful so try squinting your eyes to make them pop and appear savvier and more confident.

Regarding the pose, try practicing before-hand. Ignore having props at any cost. Also, discussing poses with your photographer that would be ideal for your face and body type always helps!

Make sure that you keep it natural, and you will be on your way to acing that headshot.

Pay attention to positioning and posture
Framing is one of the vital elements of acing a perfect headshot. Tilt your head, angle your shoulders, and find an angle which would highlight your jawline. Play with the lighting and your positioning. If you are standing or sitting, assure that your approach is to have a posture which is not hunched or too upright, but just the perfect 90 degree.

Remember you are representing yourself and your brand
Ask yourself questions like
    What kind of a realtor are clients looking for?
    What are the characteristics that I need to inherit and showcase as a realtor?
    What does my brand stand for?
    How do I exhibit the idea behind my brand?

Once you are aware of the answers to these questions, you are good to go. You can now plan how you want your headshot to be and how you would want to convey your brand's message to the masses.

Prepare different poses, outfits and situations for different audiences. This would also help in opening up multiple options so that you can use whatever material you have to your advantage. 

Keep calm and relax!
If you have followed all the points mentioned in this article, then there is no room to worry! Keep practicing and be prepared before-hand. Believe in yourself and know that the most critical aspect of a headshot is to relax.
You have a professional partner who would take care of every little detail and provide you with the right inputs for your perfect headshot. Be content with the fact that your photographer would not let you down and make you look bad. 

Relaxing would not only calm your nerves but also reflect a natural and confident look in your headshots. You would appear to be more approachable and reliant. Getting an adequate amount of nutrition and sleep the night before the shoot would help you to relax. Also, meditation and breathing exercises are an excellent way to calm yourself and would surely lighten up your mood for the big day.

Headshots are a great way to target your audiences, manifest yourself in the real estate market as a realtor and display the idea behind your brand. Hire a professional, keep it real, represent yourself and relax! If you are following all the tips and tricks mentioned in this article, there is no reason to fret. Keep smiling and enjoy the process!

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston S. Churchill

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