People of all age groups love drowning their instincts inside the life-size screens that evoke a sense of awe in their hearts and minds. Nothing can be better than watching your favorite movie or musical melody with a wonderful screenplay on the theatre and having some good food.

Unless you live like a billionaire in those giant mansions, local theatres can always be an adventurous experience that can take you inside the virtual world of entertainment. Spend your evening and get captivated in the scintillating theatres of Nashville that is a complete package of entertainment for singles or families.


Located in the West Nashville this cozy theatre this splendid theater is reputed t be known as the first and foremost Nashville Dinner Theater that had gained immense popularity in the neighboring places as well. Since the day 50 years back when the theater opened its door for the general audience, it has strived to be the best and the only priority to enjoy movies with food in a regal and extraordinary manner. The best part is the resolution and the wide variety of shows.

From Thursday through Saturday the shows in Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre are an absolute hit. Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre has witnessed generations getting allured with the services that this theater offers. Serving a variety of cuisines to please your taste buds, the theatre has food that is served in both buffet styles with some of the most exquisitely engaged Broadway Plays.


Voted as the number one music dinner theater in Nashville this is undoubtedly the one-stop solution for anyone who has a fascinating soft corner for the classic as well as the contemporary music forms. The best part of this theater is that songs from the present and the past are equally appreciated and played in the theatre.

If you are a fan then maybe you can meet your celebrity crush here because the theater has seen several celebrities doing their promotion in the seasons of Hee Haw and Opry Star. Celebrities like Jeannie Seely and Paula Poe have set their foot in this theater. Don’t be late and arrive at the dinner at 5:30 so that you don’t have to miss the show that is after an hour. Be ready to be starstruck because as a fan, you can meet and greet your favorite star after the show.


If you want to enjoy your Saturday evening and look after your pocket as well, then you should opt for Belcourt Theatre without any second thoughts. Located in the Hillsboro Village area on Belcourt Avenue in Nashville, the theatre is considered to be one of the best alternatives to satisfy your inner entertainment lover in a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The screenings happen in a building that is renovated not before then a year.

The audience can enjoy classic films, documentaries, foreign movies, new releases, and there is also this mobile theatre that shares films in the community. You can have your cheese popcorn and all your favorite snacks while you watch your favorite movie on the screen. The seats are cozy with cup holders, and the resolution of the screen is high enough to let you see every intricate detail of what is happening inside the screen. Visit this theater once, and you won’t regret a single penny that you had spent.


What can match the experience of watching your favorite movie under the stars? The all-new NightLight Theater is all about the outdoor movie theme that plays a well-loved movie outdoors on a giant high definition screen. Distinguishing it from the classic theatres the movie has a lot more to do than feeding your tummies with popcorn. If you are a foodie, then this place is absolute bliss for you because you will get the opportunity to taste some of the absolute wonders cooked by the premier food trucks.

Besides that, you will also get to pick from a bewildering range of deeply loved movies. When the moon smiles on the land and the sky are clear during the summer, you can pick movies of any journal starting from childhood favorites to the sensational hits. However, every show is meant for people who are 21 and older so the place can be a great hit for date nights. Imagine holding the hand of your bae while you gaze and enjoy at the movie screen enjoying your favorite delightful snacks. Isn’t that amazing?


Situated in Downtown-SoBro along 25 Middleton Street in Nashville the theater is an absolute entertaining place for your kids that can serve as an educating as well as a learning experience for the blooming actors inside your kids. Founded in the year 1931, the theater is bliss for parents who want to teach their children the true essence of entertainment and how is it related to real-life values. Rather than featuring any adult content or any content that involves the use of violence, the theater features entertaining and captivating plays that are relevant for families and children. 

This is why you can call the theater an absolute bomb for family entertainment.

There are also drama classes for young people that can help them to learn acting better and transforming their dream of becoming the next acting sensation into reality. You would be delighted to know that the TIMES Magazine included the name of Nashville’s Children theater in the list of the leading children’s theatres among all the theatres in the United States. Isn’t that a great opportunity for the beginners?


Looking forward to a musical evening with family? Spend an evening enjoying music and create memories that would stay with you forever at one of the best theater in Nashville. You will be thrilled with the creative and jolly environment prevailing there. The fine art and culture over there would touch you from within.

This serves as an appropriate option to go with family. Not only just music, but you can also even watch plays and films over there. This place can be a perfect destination for people of all ages. Not only just entertainment but the light and creative vibe of the place is what sets it apart from all the other places to visit in the city.

If you are all set to spend an amazing and ever-memorable evening, then you can plan your visit to the Museum city today. Enjoy an evening your and rejuvenate yourself all over again flowing with the rhythm of the music in the music city.


The theater is more than enjoying the evening at a cozy place and getting entertained. You can make memories that will be engraved on the walls of your brain forever and ever. Nashville has a countless number of talents and art forms that are deciphered through the screens of these theaters. 

There is a lot more to understand and learn than to just see and enjoy. So when are you making a movie plan and buying tickets in these Nashville theatres?

Kenneth PurdomNashville