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Real Estate Photographer Pro FAQ

Who should be preparing the property for the real estate photo shoot?

Property staging should take place before the appointment. It is important to de-clutter the property. The room should be arranged with a limited amount of furniture. Photo shot session time is limited. So the location must prepared carefully, both interior and exterior so that property is camera-ready. Real Estate Photographer Pro will provide a checklist.

How long will it take to receive the images back?

Two days. If you have not received your images within two days. Please check your spam/junk folder in your email in case our Real Estate Photographer Pro email address was filtered as spam.

How will I receive my real estate photos?

Your photos will be delivered be via an online gallery and we will contact you as soon as the photos are ready.

Can Real Estate Photographer Pro upload photo to?

No. We can no we can give you guidance, but outside vendors are not allowed to have access to the multiple listing services.

Can the photos be edited?

We Real Estate Photographer Pro capable of doing in depth retouching if requested, however usually, the honest approach is that the best, and MLS has strict laws about what may be changed.

Can photo shoots be rescheduled because of bad weather?

If bad weather is approaching and you are needing to reschedule the real estate photoshoot we do have provisions for that. Please notify us as soon as possible. Most of the time for rainy weather our photographers can work around the rain.  

Plan A. would be to shoot the property and when the rain stops we will shoot the outside of the property.  It's usually only rains for a few minutes so the photographers can work around the rain. If we get into a situation where we need to double back and shoot the outside at another time we may need to charge a trip fee and processing fee to do the outside on a sunny day. 

Most of the time our photographers can take the outside pictures when it's not raining right before or right after the inside photos are done and the photos of the outside shots can be edited so that they have a warm sunny feeel to them.

If you would like to schedule a reshoot of the outside we may charge a $50 travel fee and processing fee or outside reshoots. If you would like to cancel the shoot we ask that you do that 4 hours before the scheduled time.  If the photographer is in route there will be a $100 photographer the charged

What happens if the photographer cannot access the property? 

In this situation we will need to charge $100 to to cover the photographers time. We want to make sure the necessary steps are taken to make sure the property is accessible at the scheduled photoshoot time. 

Can we do special requests for the real estate photoshoots?
Yes just let us know what you would like to be done and our team will work out a way to take care of it.  Sometimes that can be as simple as making sure features of the property are covers and sometimes that can be special edits. Just be sure to leave us some notes when you are booking your appointment and we will make it happen.

What is your guarantee on your photography services?

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work if you are not satisfied just let us know and we can make it right.