Tips For Relisting A Home That's Not Moving

Tips for Relisting a Home that's Not Moving.

Tips for Relisting a Home that's Not Moving

What can we do when we have a house that will not be sold?

The best thing that an agent or homeowner can do is try something else.

One of the best things to do is to try updated pictures.

You may need some different angles to show connections between spaces.

Maybe a twilight shot would help if it had photographed the day before.

Perhaps some drone shots will help if the house has a large block of land, or is near a river, forest, or beach.

Maybe some higher quality images are needed. If an inexperienced or cheap photographer is used for the first time then it may be worth investing in some high-quality real estate videos and photos to attract the right kind of buyers.

As we mentioned elsewhere on this blog when looking at what a real estate agent must do when choosing a photographer:

"It is not the number of pictures that helps everyone, but the quality of the images used, which is why it is very important to hire the right high-quality photographer, and not only hire the cheapest real photographer estate in town. "

Do not ignore the difference that image quality,

For example, an average home in an average neighborhood, when presented with imperfect images, is to stand the head and shoulders above each other property at the same price bracket. That is going to draw many many buyers looking for value on what they are buying.

If you are looking for a high-quality real estate photographer be sure find a photographer in your area.

Of course, you can also try some extra services beyond photography, that may also help. Many homes these days use video tours along with high-quality photography.

If you're not using a video in your marketing strategy this may be a good time to try real eastate video. All leading agents are using video to increase sales.

Another option is a floorplan. A NAR survey from last year saw that 55% was considered a floorplan useful information in a marketing campaign, and was at the top 3 of the most requested features for consumers.

Some homes take an hour to sell, and they need a price drop. Basketball superstar Steph Curry bought a home in California for $ 3.2 million, and put it on the market 14 months later to $ 3.6 million.

However, after a couple of home sales attempts it was eventually sold for $ 2.94 million in 2017.

As mentioned in real estate agent Halls

"In my experience, the formula dropped in price + condition + exposure = a sale."

I think that's perfectly correct, and this is the combination of house prices, its status and how well it is presented, and the marketing of that the list receives. When the mix is correct one home is selling fast, but if one of the ingredients comes out, like the price, then it may take longer to sell.

The final choice, as mentioned above, is to make changes to the home condition or presentation.

For example, if a home has furniture, or walls not painted for 20 years, then bringing a property stylist to rebuild the house, or an artist to update the wall color, will help much.

I have seen that many homes are getting a fresh look of new photos, and sell it within a few days after being on the market for months without the buyer.

Here is Agent Lewis, a property stylist.

"Our team recently worked in a new five bedroom house, and created a high-end soft industrial technique based on excellent natural light property and premium finishes. The buyer is the first the person who sees the property, when it is empty, sees it, its offer has increased from $ 4 million to the final sale price of $ 4.35 million. "

In another example:

"Home Staging owner Mrs. Brown has said that a house she designed for $ 8000 on the Coast has previously earned offers of no more than $ 890,000.

So the style of a home can help attract consumers, and consumers often want to pay more in that house, making it a smart investment property style.


So there are several options for what agents or sellers can do when they come home to refuse to sell for the first two or three weeks that they are on the market.

You do not want to wait around forever, but instead take steps to change the marketing, the presentation or the price, and get property owned!

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