Signs You Need to get a New Real Estate Photographer

Signs You Need to get a New Real Estate Photographer

Signs You Need to get a New Real Estate Photographer

Signs You Need to get a New Real Estate Photographer

99% of Millennial’s search on online websites compared to 89% of Older Boomers and

77% of the Silent Generation

Sources: NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report

In the real estate world, real estate photography is the jewel in the crown of a good sale. You can have the best realtor on your team getting interest for properties in their area, but if the photography is lax, you’re not going to get one single bite.

Photography for real estate agents has to be real and it has to be impeccable. This means that there are things that you should be watching out for with your real estate photographer and below you’ll find ten signs that you need to get yourself a new one!

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Photos Lacking Sunlight

Real estate agents do their best to sell a property by drawing people to it. There has to be something that captures the eye and if the photos that you have are dark and dingy, no one is going to want to come and view the property for sale. Sunlight transforms space, making small and closed rooms become airy and vast.

Houses Full Of Clutter

Toys, laundry piles, and crowded furniture have the power to ruin a photograph. If your photographer is taking photos while people still live in the property, they need to ensure that they are getting the best angles of the space. Clutter is an enemy in real estate photography, so ensuring your clients free the space of it is imperative.

Lack Of Tripod

Have you ever watched your photographer take photos of the properties you sell? Hopefully, you would have noticed that they use a tripod to take photos. Quality photography is the cornerstone of the real estate photography world, and for quality, you need no blurry photos representing your homes.

Crowded Houses

Pets and babies are cute, but they have no place in shots that are advertising the properties that you are selling. Photography should take place in a house that is empty of guests - both human and furry - especially the ones that make such a mess!

Overdoing The Photoshop

Most real estate agents expect a little retouching in the photos that are used to advertise properties, however, your photos shouldn’t be retouched so much that you don’t recognize the house. Ensure that your photographs are edited realistically.

Crooked Lines

Photography may not be completely perfect every single time, but your photographer should be professional enough to keep vertical lines vertical, not crooked. The same goes for horizontal lines. A tripod sat at 5 inches in height is the perfect tool for aligned pictures - make sure this is being used.


Silhouettes are the cool, but not with real estate photography especially when trying to get the right angle of the shot. Have your photographer play the angles of the room and stand where a reflection cannot be seen.

Bad Exterior Shots

You should be presented with external shots that are favorable to the property, which means your photographer should not be taking face-on photos of the house. Use a time with good light, and a good angle with the tripod that doesn’t show too much of the wider world with the shot.

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