How to enter real estate photography?

How much real estate photographers charge?

What real estate photography equipment to buy?

What conventions are described?

These are all things will cover in this article.

When I started my business, I spent a lot of time and money in vain. Today, I can advise and share real estate photography tips and tricks that you should know to start working successfully.

Real estate photography definition - photograph of a building or interior that captures the subject's appearance through the use of special camera settings for lighting and real estate photography. Property photography can serve as a photograph for real estate agents and advertising.

How Much Do Real Estate Photographers Make?

The average real estate photography salary varies from $30,000 to $60,000. Tthey may charge from $ 120 per Home. Usually, this rate includes up to 30 pictures made in home of 3,000 square foot.

Real Estate Photographer Annual Salary $49,043 Avg | Dec 2018

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How much do real estate photographers do?

I give you 25 photos with 24 hours delivery. During this period, I make the sacrifice and edit the best ones. The more photos are delivered, the more time will be required and a higher price will be required for real estate photography

Additional real estate photography services that can offer

1. Video (from $ 1000)

That's the most popular premium service where only real estate photographers wanted. It is not a slide show. Usually done with the help of Steadycam, it shows the design of the house in a beautiful way.

Please note that the use of all soundtracks in commercial real estate videos is not allowed. For this, you must collaborate only with the music web pages that allow you to use paid or free music.

Real estate photography rates in different states

The state influences how much real estate photographers earn. Ther is list of real estate rates in the most popular cities and states.

Real estate photography rates in different states

Bay Area, California

The average rate for a standard photo shoot is $ 225 and for an extended duration of $ 325. Premium services like drone photography, you will be paid $ 275.

New York

For the standard photo shoot, you will receive $ 299 and $ 379 if you work with the Gotham by VHT studios. OLR $ 175 digital charges per standard photo session.

Los Angeless, California

The Shooting LA company offers a standard service for $ 275- $ 400 and an extended service for $ 350- $ 475. For the virtual tour or drone photography, a minimum of $ 300 is requested.

Houston, Texas

TK images offers photo shoot up to 10 images for $ 95 and up to 32 for $ 170. Photos made with drone cost $ 125 and tours $ 225.

Chicago, Illinois

Photographers charge $ 115 per standard and $ 175 for extended real estate photo shoots.

How to build a portfolio of real estate photography?

Ask your friends, local businessmen to take pictures of your houses, rooms, etc.

Call on a real estate office near you and offer your photography services.

Say you are ready to photograph any current listing for free, but if you want to use your photos, you must pay (at least $ 50). They have to pay something. Only risk will show you how to enter real estate photography.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Do not neglect this procedure. The exhibition, the white balance and the light edition, the work with coloration and sharpness will increase your sales. Apply the sunset technique, remove or add objects for an additional price. But if it's cooler in Photoshop or Lightroom, you can use the Lightroom presets or Photoshop actions and install them in 1 click. Choose the design and style that you like the most. You can try the presets of Exterior, Interior and HDR Lightroom.

Classes of real estate photography

There are 100's of lectures, events, real estate photography classes and tutorials, which you can watch online on YouTube. Another variant is to buy a tutorial package ($ 10 to $ 100) from a teacher whose real estate photography business provides huge income. I will not recommend anyone because I found this variant useless. Practice makes perfect

How to get real estate photography clients?

The most useful way to get clients is to distribute your real estate photography business cards and find real estate photographer jobs on complete job sites or on special sites for freelancers and real estate fairs.

Real Estate Conventions

Another good tip is to participate in real estate events that are organized in your area. Just contact the target customers and leave them your wallet and contacts.

Real Estate Conventions List

  • Tom Ferry - Sales Edge, Miami, Florida

  • National Association of Realtors Broker Summit, Nashville, Tennessee

  • Real Trends Meeting of Eagles, Denver, Colorado

  • National Association of Real Estate Publishers 52nd Annual Real Estate Journalism Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Inman Connect San Francisco, San Francisco, California

  • Tom Ferry - Success Summit, Anaheim, California

  • Annual Real Estate Agents Conference of the Association of Real Estate Agents of Texas, San Antonio, Texas

  • Tom Ferry - BluePrint, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Conference and Exhibition of Real Estate Agents of the National Association of Real Estate Agents (NAR), Boston

  • Triple Play Realtor Convention and Trade Show, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Photographer real estate marketing tools…

Professional advertising is very expensive. I spend around $ 3000 per month to receive the first orders. If you are just thinking about becoming a real estate photographer and do not have enough money, these 3 strategies to expand your business with minimal investments are for you.

Create a professional real estate photography website

Your website should be focused on two components, which are functionality and aesthetics. Make sure that the navigation is easy, the photos are clear, all the content is of high quality and there are not too many advertisements.

The design makes a lot of traffic. For this you do not need to pay much to web designers. On websites like you will find everything you need. To increase traffic you should also use these keywords:

Keywords for real estate photography website

  • Real estate photographer

  • Real estate photography companies.

  • Photography for real estate

  • Real estate photographers wanted

  • Real estate photographers near me

  • Prices of real estate photography

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  • Price list of real estate photography

  • Real estate photo packages

  • Real estate photography fees

Analytic Google You must track how the metrics relate to the content of your website. You will understand if your efforts bring you success.

Free offer are used to collect email addresses.

Blog with tips for real estate photography

Discuss any topic that is useful to you and make sure your articles are added regularly. Make your content interesting, use videos and other multimedia files

Sections Divide your blog into thematic sections. Here is the approximate variant of themes for your blog:

Your recent works

Personal experience: personal blogs are always something that attracts attention. Mention the details of your private biography.

Frequently asked questions: articles about frequently asked questions you receive.

Reasons to love photographic art: here you can have publications on how to take real estate photos and famous property studios.

Promotions: varied discounts are an excellent way to capture a number of potential customers.

Behind the scenes photos: most of the clients are interested in the process of professional photo shoots.

Real Estate Photography Equipment

Real Estate Photographer Pro

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