Real Estate Photographer Nashville and Location Scouting

Real Estate Photographer Nashville and Location Scouting

Real Estate Photographer Nashville and Location Scouting

Real Estate Photographer Nashville and Location Scouting

You gotta wonder what the army real estate photography and location scouting have in common, but they're all tied together and complement each other.

I recently had the opportunity to do some location scouting For the new Army commercials that you may be seen on TV this winter and spring.

As a real estate photographer in the Nashville, Tennessee area I have a lot of unique opportunities that you would not normally associate with doing real estate Photography in the Nashville Tennessee area.

In the summer of 2018 the Army commissions and Ad Agency out of New York City and a production company out of Los Angeles California to produce new Army commercials.

I had the honor of being the location scout for the project and later in the process had the opportunity to be the still photographer for the video shoots that were done at Fort Campbell army base just north of Nashville Tennessee.

Location Scouting Nashville Tennessee Area

A lot of commercials and Video Productions are done in the Middle Tennessee area. Nashville Community is full of talent to help produce major TV campaigns and TV shows.

I'm often called upon to do location scouting which ties in perfectly to real estate photography.

Because I'm out doing real estate photography every day I'm exposed to a lot of locations and contacts that can be utilized for video locations for country music videos or even TV commercials and sometimes TV shows and movie productions.

Just in the last few weeks I have helped find locations for NFL coach photo shoots and several Bank commercials that were filmed in the Nashville, Tennessee.

But one of the most involved and detailed projects that I have been involved in with location scouting was the new Army commercials and army ad campaign that is starting to air on TV and also you will see Army ads through social media and at local movie theaters.

The Army is utilizing some new communication tools and AD campaigns to reach the new generation and show them the opportunities that the Army provides.

Photography Location Scouting at Fort Campbell, Tennessee

The day we did the location scouting at Fort Campbell was a rather unique day.

We had a team of representatives from Fort Campbell and Pentagon and other military bases and also a creative person from the Ad Agency to help with coordinating the overall efforts of the location Scouting For The Army commercials.

The day started out extremely hot and muggy early in the morning. it was so hot that morning we did not leave our laptops in the car. We thought they met he damaged with the extreme heat that were having back in July.

Location scouting at Fort Campbell can be an overwhelming task the Fort Campbell army base is almost 300,000 Acres of land setting just north of Nashville Tennessee in the Clarksville, Tennessee area on the Tennessee and Kentucky state line.

Also doing location scouting on a military base like this you need special permission and clearance and transportation with guides to escort you to the different locations on the Fort Campbell military base.

I had been to Fort Campbell in the past for homecoming events to do photography for families and soldiers returning from Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Doing photography for military families at a homecoming event is always an honor and humbling experience. You are reminded of the sacrifice our soldiers go through and also the sacrifice the families experience.

As the day progressed with our location scouting Fort Campbell for the Army commercials, it went from extremely hot and muggy to extremely raining and storming the rest of the day.

About 11:00 it started raining a downpour like we have never seen. it was not a rainstorm that was passing or coming through it just started raining at 11 and seemed like it was never going to stop. I think it may have been the tropical storm pushed up out of the Gulf of Mexico and settled right on top of our location scouting at Fort Campbell in the middle of the summer.

At one point we took a late lunch break at the Burger King on the army base 2 dry off and reset hour schedule for the day.

Then we attended an exciting military meeting we're about 15 military leaders discussed the details of the week-long video shoot that would be taking place in a few weeks.

Everyone went through the original notes and storyboard or the different commercials that would be filmed and discussed the different military assets and personnel that would be needed to help produce the commercials.

I spent most of the time taking notes and creating resources that would be used for my detailed location scouting report for the New York Ad Agency and the production company back in Los Angeles. There were lots of people coming together to make this a high-quality marketing campaign that would honor our military. But the details were far too many for just one meeting. Over the next several week's lots of people pulled together to iron out the details and keep things moving for the Amy advertising campaign to be produced.

I found the meeting to be quite productive for my location scouting report. I spent the next weekend gather the photos and videos and notes from the meeting to create a very detailed location scouting report for everyone involved in the project. Even took the time to explain some of the military terminologies that I learned from being at the Fort Campbell base that day and participating in the meeting with the Army leadership.

The army uses lots of military lingoes to describe military assets and personnel that needed to be utilized in the filming of the advertising campaign.

Production Call for Still photographer Nashville Tennessee

After turning in the location scouting report to the Ad Agency in New York City and also making sure the Los Angeles production company received a detailed location scouting report.

I was asked to be a part of the video production to provide still photography for the video shoot that would be taking place in July of 2018 At Fort Campbell army base just north of Nashville Tennessee.

Pony show entertainment in Los Angeles, California contacted me as I was doing real estate Photography in the Spring Hill Tennessee area by calling on my cell phone.

They asked if I can provide still photography for the filming of the commercials. They had seen my name on the location scouting report and had a need for a still photographer for the filming of the commercials.

They gave me a brief overview of what was required and dates and time and the need they had. I was honored to be asked and very excited about being part of a major commercial production.

The director Peter Berg was leading the video production, and his team was handling a lot of the details to help create a successful ad campaign for the Army.

Still Photography for Peter Berg Army Commercial

Okay, let's just say it out loud being a still photographer on a primary production is a very cool thing.

A lot of the production crew was from the Nashville TV show that had recently just close down there set, and the crew was available to help with the Army commercial production.

Some of the production crew actually lived in the Clarksville area and could drive into the set each day.

Most of us Road large Transportation buses from the hotel where we were staying into the different production sites for the day's filming.

Many of the crew members from the Nashville TV show said this was one of the largest productions they had also worked on. Because of all of the military equipment and soldiers that were helping with the program and all of the different types of commercials that were being filmed in a short period of time the production was more significant than some major Hollywood movie productions.

Each day at the Fort Campbell Army base we had about a hundred people on the production crew.

We had an excellent caterer and craft services for the week.

Some exciting things that happened while I was doing still photography for the Army commercial campaign at Fort Campbell.

Photography Helicopters and Blood

In one of the army commercials, there are "small bird helicopters" flying over a field swooping into fire weapons. So part of the day we stood and a hot field trying to use umbrellas to create shade and do video and photography as the helicopters flew over at a very low altitude and fast speed hiring rounds of ammunition.

No live rounds were used in this part of the production, but the machine guns on the side of the helicopters were releasing shells that would fly out of both sides of the helicopters as the soldiers fired the weapons to create the realism and sound effects as the helicopters approached their target.

At one point as the helicopters flew over, they flew right over where we were position doing still photography and video, and one of the hot shells came across my forehead.

At first, I was not sure exactly what happened until somebody behind me who was doing the video with a red video camera notice that I was bleeding and all the shell strike my poor head.

Which this made me feel better knowing that I now know what happened it happened so fast I did not know if it was me flinching to the sound of the helicopters flying over so closely or something had actually hit me.

The wound was rather small, but the blood was flowing so it made for a pretty cool effect standing in the middle of a field with helicopters flying over and cameras in hand.

I was able to take a short break and go over to the medical tent and get things cleaned up.

Also made for a cool story at the end of the week.

Photography Army Chinook Helicopter Hot to Cold

Towards the middle of the week the filming required for Chinook helicopters to fly too high altitudes as soldiers parachuted out of the back of the helicopters into the field where we were filming.

Things Real Estate Photographer Nashville Learned

Working with a large group of army soldiers at Fort Campbell for 8 days I learned quite a few things about the army that I did not know I had not picked up on when I was taking ROTC classes in college.

Most of the ROTC classes in college were management related, and we're just part of my marketing business degree. So I was not totally entrenched in the Army culture with only a few classes in college.

But after being around hundreds of soldiers for a week that all different ranks all different ages These are a list of things that I learned that I was not aware of before the video production at Fort Campbell.


Army transportation is a huge part of the Army. For every one soldier on the battlefield, there are hundreds of people supplying support for the soldier.

Chain of Command

Always follow the chain of command and respect the chain of command system. Always try to make those around you and above you but good.


Soldiers totally understand what's going on in the world. And they also understand their role.


Always respect the individual whether you like them or not.

“If there is not the war, you don’t get the great general; if there is not a great occasion, you don’t get a great statesman; if Lincoln had lived in a time of peace, no one would have known his name.” – Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, and former U.S. Army Colonel

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