Why Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Photographers Fail

Why Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Photographers Fail

Why Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Photographers Fail  .jpgWhy Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Photographers Fail

Not Committed

Many people approach a new business idea because they are interested in the lifestyle and income that it may offer.

Because someone is interested in a business venture or a new career does not mean that they have the intestinal fortitude to be successful.

Keeping your mind and actions in a state of just being interested allows use to be in a position that creates bad habits.

Seth Godin says this allows our lizard brain to take over and you operate in a very lazy compacity not to doing work that really matters and driving the business forward.

Sometimes in the real estate industry photographers and real estate agents enter into the profession after we have completed several other careers.

Perhaps not even being very successful in the other careers we had; we crow frustrated and look for new opportunities that present themselves.

Being a real estate photographer and being a real estate agent is different than a career in a corporate job.

We are now putting our self in an entrepreneurial role, and we are the business.

By not be approaching it with a high-level commitment that it takes for the success we are guaranteeing that our business will not succeed.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going.” Jim Rohn

The Wolf and the Lamb

(public domain story)

A Wolf seeing a Lamb drinking at a brook took it into his head that he would find some plausible excuse for eating him. So he drew near, and, standing higher up the stream, began to accuse him of disturbing the water and preventing him from drinking.

The Lamb replied that he was only touching the water with the tips of his lips; and that, besides, seeing that he was standing downstream, he could not possibly be disturbing the water higher up. So the Wolf, having done no good by that accusation, said: “Well, but last year you insulted my Father.” The Lamb replying that at that time he was not born, the Wolf wound up by saying: “However ready you may be with your answers, I shall none the less make a meal of you.”

Tyrants need no excuse. A Wolf catches a Lamb by a river and argues to justify killing it. Doesn’t matter as the Wolf needs no excuse.

The POINT - Tyrants need no excuse.

Lack of Strategy

Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Photographers must have a strategy.

Experts say we need a daily schedule that creates high impact performance.

We need to push things around and make things happen.

You need to have information that will benefit our customers and stay up-to-date on the things that are happening in our Marketplace.

“You don’t get 100% results with only 50% commitment.” Anonymous

WE MUST Be focused

Focused intensity over time equals greatness.

The Tortoise and the Hare - Moral - The race is not always to the swift.

Afraid to make Mistakes

Afraid to make mistakes for the sake of me looking good.

We constantly put ourselves in a state where we're trying to impress others and we're not willing to make mistakes, or we're not in a position to where we can learn from our mistakes.

In John Maxwell's book Failing Forward, He lays out a plan on how to take failure and turn it into an action plan for success.

Ways to Change Perspective

  • Take responsibility for our future success.

  • Learn from failure.

  • Stumble to success.

  • Make the most of each opportunity.

  • Establish clear, measurable goals with deadlines.

  • Work on your social skills.

  • Keep a positive mindset.

Work the Basics

  • Existing database and grow your database.

  • Work events like open houses.

  • Do network farming in your community attending events And knocking on doors.

  • Have a strong online presence and brand.

  • Having the Idea, you'll keep regular hours

  • Make a mindset change you do not have a job you have a business and you are the business.

Zig Ziglar - Prime the Pump


No Selling Skills

Many times real estate agents and Real Estate photographers are entering into their new career and business with no selling skills and marketing skills to back up their business.

When we do this it puts us in a position that we are serendipitous approaching our business with bad habits.

We are using wishful thinking that something is going to happen with marketing and sales.

We need to realize that there are roadblocks and negative forces that keep things from naturally happening.

It will take marketing and sales to break through the gravity that is holding our success back.

We need to make use of resources and tools and other professionals who have paid the way and have knowledge that we can use to improve our marketing and sales skills for the real estate industry.

Use videos and online training programs and seminars and resources to move and update your selling skills.

Not Tracking the Numbers

Create a daily list weekly list and monthly list to track your numbers.

No daily routine that creates success Is a direct road to failure.

No financial management plan or system

We need 6 months living expenses plus marketing expenses to create the momentum for your business.

Not having dollars to appropriate to basic living expenses can put us in a negative position where we use fear tactics to try to close deals.

Fear tactics and closing a deal will only scare off customers and reduce opportunities for our business.

Not having the appropriate marketing campaigns Is like turning the lights out on your business just as you're opening the doors.

No one news knows who you are and no one cares if there are no marketing dollars available they do not know who you are.

People are just not going to naturally gravitate to what we have to offer just because we're in the business.

Ways to Show Commitment

  1. Professionalism

  2. Putting Customers First

  3. Teamwork

  4. Keep Motivation Strong

  5. Build boundaries

  6. Making changes when it isn’t working

  7. Be fully present

  8. Nurturing your health

  9. Letting go and moving away from the people that drag you down

  10. Building a support community

  11. Leaving an legacy behind

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