How To Get That Perfect Realtor Headshot

How To Get That Perfect Realtor Headshot - 27 tips recommended by the pros themselves

How To Get That Perfect Realtor Headshot Nashville

How To Get That Perfect Realtor Headshot Nashville

The real estate market is massive. The very first step to attract clients is through trustworthy and informed realtors as well as capturing the essence of these estates. The key to engaging clients for a realtor is through an ideal representation of the brand in their headshot, which is what this article is all about. 

This article describes how you can represent your brand through your headshots, with tips coming all the way from professional photographers to body language experts. Your headshot must represent that you are confident, trustworthy and competent enough so that people can entrust you with something which is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions of their lives.

How to look confident in your headshot

1.    Squinting
Squinting means to close your eyes partly. It is mostly perceived that having wide open eyes portrays that you are frightened. Therefore, squinting your eyes would help give you a more confident look. 

2.    Smiling naturally
People who smile more are considered to be approachable and confident. So, don’t forget to show your teeth in your next headshot!

3.    Finding out the right angle for making your face more photogenic.
The key to making your face look photogenic is giving your jawline the spotlight. To make this happen, push your face a bit towards the camera and tilt your chin downwards. This trick also comes in handy to hide your double-chin. 

4.    Psychologically tricking yourself through power poses.
Power poses are poses that can psychologically trick your brain to appear more confident. Some examples include the superman pose, with your hands above your head or the wonder-woman pose, with your hands on your hips. Standing in these power poses for a few minutes instinctively makes you feel more confident and voilà, there you have all the confidence you needed for the headshot.

5.    Keep calm and drink wine!
When has wine not helped you feel more confident with yourself! For all the wine-lovers, go ahead and have a glass or two before the photo shoot to appear more relaxed, calm and confident.

6.    Posture is everything
Standing or sitting up straight always showcases your confidence and professionalism. So, make sure to have the right posture. 

7.    Just relax
This tip might seem to be a cliché, but can never go wrong and is basically the essence of a great headshot. Try to keep yourself calm and collected through meditation or breathing exercises. 

How to look competent in your headshot?
8.     Dress up!
Dressing up is the key to look professional. Don’t overdo it with heavy jewelry or patterns. Instead, dress according to your target audience and choose the color accordingly. Also, remember to have the right fitting. Loose clothes can come off as lazy and too light clothes can look snobbish.

9.     Wear appropriate make-up.
Don’t glam yourself up or leave a bare face. Wear the right kind of makeup to emphasize your features and look more photogenic and competent.

10.    Make your face the highlight of the photograph
Make sure to choose the right background in order to highlight your face and keep the focus on yourself. Bear in mind that you are representing your brand. Therefore, the background should be chosen accordingly.

11.    Get your hair right
Tidy up your hair and go for a professional haircut in order to get the right headshot. Messy hair can make you look unprofessional and incompetent. 

12.    Don’t forget to smile!
Smiling makes you look more trustworthy and approachable. So, never forget to smile.

Some general headshot tricks
13.    Hiring the right photographer
Make sure to appoint a professional photographer who is right for you and your brand. Check portfolios and editing skills before hiring. Some photographers may maintain copyrights so make sure to do prior research.

14.    Let the photographer know your interests, likes, and ideas
You and your photographer are a team. Therefore, it is imperative for the photographer to know about your likes in order to represent your idea and brand correctly.

15.    Cropping your photograph right
Get a standard head and shoulder shot so that the headshot can work in every situation and place. 

16.    Have options
Ask your photographer for a headshot, environmental shot and a full body shot to keep your options open for each and every kind of situation there is. 

17.    High-resolution photographs
It is essential for you to have high-resolution headshots so that they could be used in every kind of situation.

18.    Trusting your photographer
It is vital for you to entrust your photographer. Remember that they are professionals and are going to perform accordingly.

19.    Sleep the night away!
Getting the appropriate amount of sleep is very important for you to look confident and competent. Getting less sleep would only make you look tired and anxious.

20.    Environmental photographs are important
It is important for you to have a more casual environmental photograph. Get yourself clicked while working or doing one of your power poses to target your audience accordingly.

General posing tricks for your headshot
21.    Tilt that head
Tilting your head would help to look more confident and authoritative. So, tilt up!

22.    Get more opinions.
It is always a better option to get more opinions to generate new ideas. Ask your family and friends about your headshots and remember their constructive advice.

23.    Practice your posing before-hand
Practice posing for the headshots before-hand so you are prepared for the big day. It would also make you look more confident as you already know what you have to do. 

24.    To cross or not to cross your arms?
Crossing arms are tricky territory. It all depends on whether it is the right pose for you or not. So, practice before-hand and cross your arms accordingly. 

25.    Angling yourself
Don’t look straight ahead towards the camera. Angle one of your shoulders away from the camera. This will make you look slimmer and more confident. 

26.    Stay focused
It is important for you to keep your focus on the task at hand to appear more proficient. 

27.    Keep your pets away!
No. It is never a good idea to get a headshot with your pet! Keep your pets away from the camera at all costs. 

Once you follow all the aforementioned tips, you are good to go! Hire a professional photographer and remember to keep the right pose and wear the right clothes. Stay calm and smile away!

“A professional headshot in front of a bookshelf says you're an intellectual. A professional headshot peeking though a bookshelf says you're probably under a restraining order.”
Ryan Lilly

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