Nashville Real Estate Photographer Goes To Flintville, Tennessee

Nashville Real Estate Photographer Goes To Flintville, Tennessee

Java Road Espresso Bar & Cafe

Java Road Espresso Bar & Cafe

You may be wondering why Nashville real estate photographer would go to Flintville, Tennessee for Real Estate photography. Well long story short it's because there's a lot of beautiful homes in Flintville, Tennessee that need amazing real estate photography.

I have several real estate agents that use our real estate photography on a regular basis that list homes in Flintville, Tennessee. Driving to Flintville, Tennessee on a beautiful October day is always a pleasure.

Flintville, Tennessee sets just north of Huntsville and just south of Fayetteville, Tennessee. So today leaving Columbia, Tennessee I took a shortcut over to the Lewisburg Highway. Going down to the real estate photo shoot I took 65 South and then hit 64 East. Past one of the landmarks that you may be familiar with at the 65 south and 64 East intersection, there's a restaurant called Sarge's Shack.

Flintville, Tennessee

Flintville, Tennessee

Sarge's Shack Restaurant

Sarge's Shack has been around for several decades it's famous for one of their rice dishes. So when you're in the area be sure to stop by and plan some extra time for lunch or dinner at Sarge's Shack. Sarge's Shack is halfway between Pulaski, Tennessee, and Fayetteville, Tennessee just off Interstate 65.

Going over on 64 East over to Fayetteville, Tennessee always looks like a postcard the State Highway has lots of rolling hills mixed with Tennessee pastures and hilltops with beautiful Tennessee trees. There's even a Dollar General in the middle of nowhere, but that's quite common in this area.

When I'm driving this route, I always listen to a radio station out of Huntsville, AL that plays jazz. A little bit of a contrast to the environment that I'm traveling through the country down Highway listening to a jazz station is one of my favorites when I'm around the Huntsville, Alabama area. I usually have to be south of Columbia, Tennessee before I can pick it up. Driving over to this particular real estate shoot I bypassed Fayetteville, Tennessee taking the south Loop around Fayetteville, Tennessee. It's a shortcut through the industrial park of Fayetteville, Tennessee.

Real Estate Photography Fayetteville, Tennessee

The home that I did Real Estate photography for today sets on two Acres and has about an acre in the front yard and maybe an acre in the backyard. So you have a beautiful view out both front yard and the backyard. Has a large pasture in the front and then a thick tree line in the backyard that makes for a beautiful fall canopy when you're sitting on the back porch. The floor plan of this house is ideal. There is a formal dining room just to the left as you enter the front door. The kitchen is huge for this size house. The dining room table area sets just off the patio, so you always have a view of the backyard and the deck from the kitchen table or even the bar in the kitchen.

The living room is perfectly laid out the fireplace being the center and then having high vaulted ceilings, feels like a resort. The master bedroom is on the back of the house, which is ideally suited for this property. It allows you to see out the backyard and enjoy the view from the bedroom.

The other two bedrooms are facing west on the front of the house. The house does have a large basement that could be finished. There's also a restroom in the basement. Definitely a great buy and a great property if you're interested in being in the Flintville, Tennessee area. Would be perfect for a family that's working in Fayetteville, Tennessee or Huntsville Alabama.

After completing the photo shoot in Flintville, Tennessee. I headed back towards Fayetteville, Tennessee realizing I had not had anything to eat. I started thinking about some of my favorite lunch spots in Fayetteville, Tennessee.

Java Road Espresso Bar & Cafe

Java Road Espresso Bar & Cafe

Java Road Espresso Bar & Cafe

There are several great places to visit in Fayetteville, Tennessee for lunch and if you have time to go shopping downtown Fayetteville, Tennessee is a great place to do that. I chose to stop at the coffee shop in downtown Fayetteville, Tennessee Java Road Espresso Bar & Cafe on the square. It's an excellent place for coffee and an excellent place for lunch. They also have clean restrooms. The staff is very friendly, and it's easy to park and get in and out of for a lunch break or an early morning breakfast. While I was there, I had coffee, water, and the sunrise sandwich special.

The sunrise sandwich special is an egg sandwich with spinach, tomato, mayonnaise, and 2 eggs it's perfect for a lunch item or an early morning breakfast. I would recommend it, especially with the toasted wheat bread. Their coffee is incredibly smooth, no need for sugar or creamer it's some of the best coffee I've ever had. Leaving the coffee shop in Fayetteville, Tennessee I took a different way home back to Columbia, Tennessee I took Hwy 431 back to Lewisburg, Tennessee.

Right now driving through Lewisburg, TN can be somewhat of a traffic jam. They are redoing the main Highway that runs through Lewisburg, so sometimes you want to plan your trips around Lewisburg especially at 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. That construction is going a problem for several years. They're taking an old two-lane Highway that runs through town and turning it into a four-lane highway through Lewisburg, Tennessee.

If you have some time, you stop off in Belfast, Tennessee. Belfast, Tennessee sets between Lewisburg, Tennessee and Fayetteville, Tennessee. Belfast, Tennessee looks like a small movie set for a country music video. There's not much there, but it has several antique shops in old buildings that look like a postcard.

If you are into history at Petersburg, Tennessee there's a historic building it was a military academy it sets just behind the Dollar General store in Petersburg, Tennessee it's worth stopping and seeing and getting a few pictures of.

Traveling Middle Tennessee this time of year doing real estate photography in October is always a fun time on a beautiful sunny day everything looks like a postcard in Middle Tennessee. An excellent time for Real Estate photography.

Please let us know if we can help you in any way we would be honored to do real estate photography for you. Feel free to share this post and will see you soon.

Sarge's Shack

Address: 2385 Fayetteville Hwy

Pulaski, TN 3847

  • Excellent place to go and eat steak or fish, love their rice

  • Great service and food.

  • Love the fried pickles.

WJAB College Radio

WJAB 90.9 FM radio station WJAB

Your Smooth Jazz and Cool Vocals station

Java Road Espresso Bar & Cafe

Address: 204 College St E,

Fayetteville, TN 37334

Phone: (931) 993-5795

  • Fresh baked items and sandwiches are to die for.

  • Cozy atmosphere, friendly employees.

  • GREAT coffee.

United States Postal Service

Address: 100 Northside Square

Petersburg, TN 37144

Phone: (800) 275-8777

Belfast, TN

2303 Fayetteville Hwy

Belfast, TN 37019

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