How Nashville Real Estate Agent Can Benefit From Aerial Photography

How Nashville Real Estate Agent Can Benefit From Aerial Photography

How Nashville Real Estate Agent Can Benefit From Aerial Photography

By Real Estate Photographer Nashville, TN

If you are in the real estate industry, you have no doubt been constantly hearing about the goodness of real estate drone aerial photography and videography. But, do you know what kind of return of investment does it actually give? We will let you know in this post.

Listen up those people in the real estate field, your competition is actually leaving you in the dust due to the latest visual marketing methods.

We are talking about the real estate aerial drone photography, which is considered as the number one segment in the field of commercial drone photography according to the recent reports provided by the AUVSI or the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International.

What Is Real Estate Aerial Drone Photography?

Aerial drone photography is referred to as the art of capturing quality videos and photos using drones or also known as the unmanned air vehicles.

Drones allow skilled and professional real estate photographer Nashville to capture specific views and angles that are otherwise totally limited by standard cameras or devices. Today, professional photographers can be able to shoot up to four hundred feet above the level of the ground in order to produce highly compelling drone shots of local landscapes, homes, charming landmarks, downtown, as well as tracts of lush farmland.

As a matter of fact, this new medium can be able to create a much better sense of culture and location that potential property buyer will definitely love. After all, studies show that almost seventy percent of residential property buyers watch photo and video tours. This has been verified by NAR or the National Association of Realtors and even Google’s joint real estate consumer report.

Studies Show That People Likes Drone Photography Among Other Methods

The joint report of Google and NAR as well as the market trends and consumer in the real estate industry, studies revealed how much potential residential or commercial property buyers heavily rely on the visual marketing in order to make decisions. As a matter of fact, 87% of home buyers use videos in order to learn more information about the environment they are considering moving to. 55% watch real estate videos or photos for general info about a certain property. 45% of the potential residential home buyers use videos in order to contrast and compare their real estate choices. 39% say that they utilize videos in order to learn more certain features of the home that they suspect to buy.

As the buying public grows more and more informed on their own, chances are they expect to have more high-quality and useful information as well as visuals for great decision-making. Thus, the increasing popularity of real estate aerial drone photography is becoming more and more important.

Furthermore, according to the MIS or Multiple Listing Service statistics that have been reported by a well-known magazine publishing group, residential and commercial properties that have accompanying aerial images are sixty-eight percent more likely to dispose of their properties without too much marketing. This makes it another reason why real estate agents and residential or commercial property owners who want to list their properties are upgrading their marketing strategies with the help of real estate drone photography together with their trusted real estate photographer in Nashville.

Top Reasons Drone Aerial Photography is Beneficial When Used in Real Estate Industry

Drone aerial photography can allow you in capturing that same kind of footage of landmark, without any Hollywood effects. Aside from that, you do not even need a film crew since all you just need a UAV or the unmanned aerial vehicle which is commonly known as the remote-controlled drone, as well as some affordable camera equipment. Not to mention time, patience and a lot of time for your practice. On the other hand, the good news is that you can also hire a professional real estate photographer Nashville who can do all these work for you. In the end, when you hire a professional real estate photographer, you will be able to get a jaw-dropping landmark footage as well as show off your residential property in the best light.

Below are the major benefits of having to hire a professional photographer for capturing real estate drone aerial photos and videos. This way, you will realize that even some eye-catching photos can drastically be advantageous to your real estate business. After reading this post, you may want to contact a professional real estate photographer Nashville to make sure that everything will be done right the first time around.

Major Benefits of Real Estate Drone Aerial Photography and Videography

1. It allows you to show off real estate properties that offer much higher scenic value.

2. It meets the latest trends in the real estate industry.

3. The most ideal method to show surrounding areas as well as proximity to land, amenities and the entire neighborhood.

4. It adds another level of potential in terms of marketing that still real estate pictures – even the professional and higher quality ones – cannot be able to provide.

5. It allows you to market and shows the house from a more unique perspective.

6. This method is more affordable and budget-friendly compared to old-school aerial photography. It’s definitely perfect for any residential or commercial property, even if you’re on a budget.

7. It allows you to sell your house or commercial property for a better price and in a fast manner.

8. It can give you better views of big backyards and homes, which is an extremely unique angle of a house that can make your image social media – worth. In the end, real estate drone aerial photos are the ones that are pinned and shared the most.

9. It allows you to make a tour of the town that is a unique and desirable feature, which allows the potential home or commercial building buyers who do not totally know the area to freely explore a new town.

10. It can offer a more personal perspective of the property.

Most Common Real Estate Drone Aerial Photography Applications

Nowadays, the majority of the buying public are tech savvy and they tend to respond best to marketing techniques which meet the latest trends, most especially in real estate. As a matter of fact, according to the consumer housing trends report in 2017, lots of millennials will actually be shopping for residential properties this year. So, since they’re looking for an environment that is closer to urban centers as well as pay too much attention to amenities and neighborhood nearby, real estate drone aerial photography can be able to provide a bird’s eye vision of a potential house, at the same time showcasing unique home features including the surrounding area.

Having said that, aerial videos and photos have even more applications than you could ever imagine. It is potentially highly beneficial for your own real estate marketing campaign for some reasons. The reason is that it is the most effective way to showcase each angle of your residential or commercial property, as well as its surrounding community. Furthermore, real estate drone aerial photography services offered by professional and highly skilled real estate photographer Nashville can be able to effectively show the potential property buyers many things they want to see, which include:

1. All angles of the residential or commercial property that include its unique features, layout and property line

2. Map style views that can show the entire land and property

3. The community, neighborhood, as well as the surrounding area

4. The property’s proximity to amenities like the amazing park, local school, or the grocery store

5. The slightly raised and unique angle of the property that can make your photos look even more professional as well as visually appealing


Drone aerial photography can definitely benefit the real estate industry, most especially the marketing aspect, due to the fact that it is an innovative technology, trendy, and affordable way to show off a certain residential or commercial property. Nowadays, real estate drone aerial photography becomes more and more common since the FAA has simplified the rules and issue more permits to a licensed, professional and skilled real estate photographer Nashville as well as real estate agents. While utilizing drones still pare degrees of controversy, the truth is that the demand is still drastically increasing. Thus, the next time you need a great aerial view of your property, it’s highly advisable that you only get to hire a professional real estate drone aerial photographer.

This is because the professional real estate aerial photographers have the right devices to make sure that all the photos they capture can benefit your business a lot. So, whether you’re a real estate business owner or simply a residential or commercial property owner who wants to put his property on sale in the market, then consider hiring a professional real estate photographer Nashville.

Impress your potential buyers by showing off the awesome views of your home. With awesome real estate drone aerial photos, you can be able to tell the basics of your property to potential buyers and that makes the entire buying and selling process much easier.

Please let us know if we can help you in any way we would be honored to do real estate photography for you. Feel free to share this post and will see you soon.

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