6 Internet Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents for 2019

6 Internet Marketing Tips for Nashville Real Estate Agents for 2019

6 Internet Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents for 2019

6 Internet Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents for 2019

“Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.” 

Gary Vaynerchuk

In the competitive and highly charged real estate market nowadays, agents need do to move in order to stand out among the rest. In fact, they need to utilize all the tools and skills at their own disposal.

It is becoming more than building a website, a mediocre real estate blog, and an effective Facebook business page. The truth is that you’ll be needing laser-sharp strategies in order to find great sales opportunities and fresh leads. Now is the best time to market your real estate business online and reap and advantages that the real estate internet marketing can bring to the table.

In this post, you’ll find the best practices and strategies to effectively market your business in the real estate industry, utilizing the world wide web.

Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

1. Having Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Website Design

As more and more people view content online using their mobile devices such as their smartphones, tablets or iPad’s, then you need to make sure that your website stands out on smaller screens. This is because prospective homes are inherently visual, which is why it should be seen in their most attractive angle or light in order to attract prospective home buyers. Your own web design should be fluid, and your text and images transfer seamlessly from traditional desktops or laptops too much smaller devices.

Having a more responsive web design will translate into more leads, views as well as sales since people will be able to appreciate the accessibility of your website from different devices. For instance, attractive web cover art can definitely add sizzle and spark to both your mobile pages and social media profiles. Also, make sure that you have your email optimized for mobile marketing and adhering to the best practices of mobile email marketing.

How does your web pages look on mobile devices? If it is not good, not properly optimized and hard to read, then chances are you will be losing listings, leads, and worst-case scenario, your sales.

2. Keep In touch With Your Local Market

Nowadays, using the power of real estate services online can help you a lot in targeting specific markets. In fact, both sellers and buyers (especially first-time, tech-savvy buyers) like to search for the most ideal houses at their own leisure and will also devote more time to their research. Make sure that you meet them where they spend the most their time.

In local markets, most prospective home buyers want the agents in the real estate industry to produce more helpful details about the neighborhood and demographic characteristics including:

• Shopping facilities

• Playgrounds and schools

• Evaluations and taxation rates

• Property types

• Price ranges

Generally, the more important and relevant details you can provide in your in your listing, the better.

3. Make Sure to Build Your Email Buyers and Prospect List

You may not be able to easily convert a stranger into a prospective house buyer overnight. However, the moment you generate contact information from them, you’ll have more chances to make an impression being a real estate professional over a few weeks or months. As a matter of fact, e-mail real estate business marketing can become a very effective tool and strategy for monthly market updates, open house invitations, as well as for offering highly useful tips in real estate to individuals in transition.

People might not be totally ready to purchase or sell the property right now. However, when they are, you will be totally aware since you can be their first go-to agent due to the fact that you have kept in touch with them regularly with useful tips and information. Aside from that, you have already established your business as the authority in the real estate field, which means they are more confident in trusting you.

4. Encourage Customer Reviews and Feedbacks on Real Estate Websites with High Traffic

The moment you complete housing transactions successfully, it is very important that you use the positive relationships that have been developed during the process in order to help boost your reputation. Aside from keeping your profile on most lucrative home listing networks, you can also invite your customers to submit reviews or feedbacks of your work. There are some websites like Homes.com and Zillow.com that get millions of page views each month. This amount of traffic is targeted for real estate housing professionals like you. Make sure to turn the best service reviews into the best testimonials for your own website.

Aside from that, claiming your business name and location on Google as well as getting reviews and feedbacks there can actually help a lot in getting much higher rankings in search engines too. You will also want to make sure that you address the negative reviews if any using the best practices in online reputation management. You can also have a dependable system in order to monitor as well as respond to messages and comments on your social media pages.

5. Consider using Large and Attractive Cover Photos

Homes are meant to be beautifully showcased from both the outside and inside. This is why it’s best that you use the most attractive photos in order to showcase their best light. In order to make sure that you’ll have the best photo for your website and social media pages, you can contact a professional real estate photographer Nashville since they are the most knowledgeable and experienced in taking the best photos for the real estate industry. This is especially true if you want to have a beautiful aerial shot of the property.

In addition to that, adding some links to your listings, or albums, look-book, and portfolio with the best aerial shots taken by a professional real estate photographer Nashville. This way, people can access the specific details of the properties you have listed.

Furthermore, cover photos that highlight one of the best properties that you have can be especially helpful and highly effective on social media pages like LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. It’s also helpful if you are knowledgeable enough about the best time when you should post on your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter account.

6. Answer Questions on Local Facebook Groups and Real Estate Forums

Real estate forums still remain effective and popular meeting points for sellers, buyers, and even real estate agents. Also, answering some questions in forums very well can help enhance your reputation as well as encourage prospective buyers to visit your social media pages elsewhere.

Eventually, prospective home buyers may even want to schedule a meeting with you because they have seen experience and expertise in you.

Try to discipline yourself to use at least thirty minutes every day at most in order to answer good questions in forums and to engage with your potential real estate clients.

Another interesting opportunity is that you join local community groups on Facebook and be a useful and strategic resource too. You would be surprised by how many seller and buyer leads you can be able to generate for free from your social media accounts, especially social media groups and forums.

7. Use Engaging Videos in All Your Online Marketing

If you are not yet using videos as a part of your marketing strategies online, then this time you need to know that you should be. In fact, according to real estate experts, the two major keys in order to be successful in the real estate industry are the following: first, overcome your fear and do not be afraid to put your abilities out there.

Secondly, never be intimidated by all the technological challenges that you have in online video marketing. There are actually a lot of collaborative high-end videos out there but typically, those are done by highly expensive agencies. This is why we suggest that you trust individual real estate photographer Nashville that can provide you with affordable yet high-quality aerial drone videos, which you can use in your online video marketing campaigns.

But, when you are just starting out and don’t want to allocate budget in this, you can use your smartphone camera but experts do not totally recommend this. It is still best that you have a consistent professional real estate photographer Nashville partner for your business.

If you are looking for more ideas on what are the things that you should record for your online video marketing, you can get started with your own bio video and next is your property listing video. You can also do virtual open houses using Facebook Live.

Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Live Video

  • Know your material.

  • Practice ahead of time.

  • Get a feel for the idea and room you will be broadcasting from.

  • Take some time to relax before going live.

  • Visualize yourself going live.

Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents Conclusion

In the real estate industry, success does not demand that you should be an expert on the computer or different technologies. But, using the tools and strategies online at your disposal can surely give you the edge vs. Both national and local competition.

Certainly, following the advice we have listed above will help a lot in raising your profile and attracting more affluent and serious real estate clientele.

“Change almost never fails because it's too early. It almost always fails because it's too late.” 
 Seth Godin

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