2019 Best Neighborhoods in Nashville

2019 Best Neighborhoods in Nashville

By Real Estate Photographer from Nashville, TN

2019 best neighborhoods nashville

One truly cannot go wrong with a visit to the vibrant capital of Tennessee. Known for its mouthwatering cuisine and legendary country music scene, Nashville is a perfect city for travelers and locals, alike. While Nashville is commonly thought of as a tourist’s destination, this city boasts various neighborhoods for anyone interested in relocating.

In fact, Nashville was ranked #11 on U.S. News Best Places to Live, with a majority of young post-graduate individuals living there, as well as folks with young children. No matter your age or status, after visiting Nashville, you may be ready to soon call it home! Here is are some of the best neighborhoods to be on the lookout for in 2019 that make up this incredible city:

The Gulch

The Gulch, located just south of Downtown, is the perfect area for young adults to reside in, mainly consisting of apartments and condos. This neighborhood offers a trendy vibe with an industrial, contemporary style, and is nestled within the “action” of Nashville.

The Gulch is also great for those who prefer a walk-able lifestyle, with many restaurants, bars, music venues, and shops nearby. The Gulch boasts a new greenway and a bike path for those wishing to get a little active outdoor time just nearby.

Restaurants In The Gulch

Watermark Restaurant

507 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN


Traditional Southern food.



700 12th Ave S. Nashville, TN


Menus based on seasonal selections of meats and fish.


Arnold’s Country Kitchen

605 8th Avenue South, Nashville, TN


Hearty Southern foods.



1126 McGavock St, Nashville, TN


Asian fusion restaurant.



Bella Napoli Pizzeria Pizza Nashville

Bella Napoli Pizzeria Pizza Nashville

For any food-lovers or for those desiring a good night-life, Midtown may be a neighborhood of interest to you. Midtown boasts some of Nashville’s most incredible restaurants and a wonderful bar-hopping atmosphere. The popularity of this neighborhood is perhaps attributed to Patterson House’s speakeasy theme, as well as the one-of-a-kind dining experience at The Catbird Seat.

A major benefit of this area is that it boasts an exciting bar scene without the usual crowds of tourists. This is perfect for locals to enjoy a good night out with a more relaxed vibe. Midtown has many condos and apartments, making it ideal for young adults or singles.


One of the oldest areas in the city of Nashville, Germantown also offers some of the city’s best restaurants, such as City House, Germantown Café, and Rolf & Daughters. Germantown is great for small families or young parents, with its less hectic nightlife and its selection of small homes, townhouses, and duplexes.

This lovely area is also known for its annual Oktoberfest, featuring German beer, live music, and endless fun. Locals who reside in Germantown are also known to frequent the nearby Nashville Farmer’s Market for some fresh produce and local food, as well as the local state park Bicentennial Capitol Mall.

East Nashville

East Nashville

East Nashville

East Nashville is better known as the city’s most progressive area, having undergone major renovations and changes over the past decade. With its relaxed atmosphere and community, it is a crowd favorite for musicians and artists. East Nashville prides itself in having some of the best businesses in Nashville, with incredible restaurants and shops.

This neighborhood offers a mix of houses, duplexes, townhouses, and small apartments, making it an ideal location for young people and young families. It does require a little bit of a drive to get to other areas of the city, so be aware before looking to settle in this wonderful neighborhood!

Belmont Blvd

Located next to Belmont University, this gorgeous neighborhood is perfect for families. Belmont Blvd boasts anything from luxurious million dollar homes to more affordable, quaint houses, all of which are lovely. Belmont Blvd is also a great place to enjoy a bike ride or a stroll, with its mile-long sidewalks and bike lanes.

It is quite common to see parents with their strollers or children on their bikes in this neighborhood. This area has a great restaurant scene, including the famous coffeehouse Bongo Java.

Hillsboro Village

Hillsboro Village, located between Belmont University and Vanderbilt University, is home to many college students, families, and young adults. It is a very family-friendly neighborhood with a great night life, boasting over 15 bars and restaurants. There is also wonderful shopping in this area, with cute boutiques and a local bookstore.

While the restaurants, shops, and the Belcourt, Theatre are all within walking distance, the grocery store requires just a short drive. This neighborhood offers townhouses, duplexes, and apartments for all different types of people to enjoy.

Hillsboro Village

Hillsboro Village

Sylvan Park and Sylvan Heights

Another great area for families and young couples is Sylvan Park and Sylvan Heights. This is a very involved community where the neighbors truly make an effort to know and support each other. While this area does not offer too many bars and restaurants, the ones that it does boast are wonderful, as well as the shops, natural food market, and the salon.

Sylvan Park is also a great place to live if you consider yourself to be an active individual. Some places to enjoy great exercise are the Richland Greenway, Climb Nashville, Centennial Park, and the McCabe Community Center. While this area primarily offers single-family homes, there are new apartment complexes emerging for those interested in an apartment lifestyle.

12 South

12 South

12 South

12 South is a wonderful neighborhood for young families to look into, and is home to many “artsy” individuals, such as musicians and freelancers. The local coffee shops and the nearby Sevier Park are very common places in this neighborhood to find young parents with their children or musicians and freelancers at work.

12 South boasts fantastic restaurants, such as Burger Up, Sloco, and Frothy Monkey. For those interested in some night life in this neighborhood, Mafiaoza’s and 12 South Taproom are great options. Most residents live in houses in this neighborhood, as there are only a few options for apartments.


This neighborhood is the most common and popular area for young adults to go out, located just next to the Gulch and Downtown. Demonbreun primarily consists of a quarter mile long strip of outdoor patios attached to bars and restaurants, ideal for fun and entertainment when the weather is nice. This neighborhood also has a few shops, salons, and a spa, and offers a wide selection of apartments and condos.

Conclusion 2019 Best Neighborhoods in Nashville

Nashville, TN Broadway

Nashville, TN Broadway

While Nashville does attract its fair share of year-round tourists looking to experience the heart of country music and delicious southern cuisine, this city is also a fantastic place to live. Whether you are just out of college or are looking to settle down with a family, Nashville may have the perfect neighborhood for you to feel right at home.

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